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Tarbell Course in Magic Band 5 Tarbell Course in Magic Band 5
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THE classic course in magic. First published in 1926 as a correspondence course, the Tarbell course in magic (an eight volume, hard bound book series) is the only introduction to magic universally accepted as required reading for ALL magicians. Its eight volumes detail (with crystal clear illustrations) the fundaments of each branch of the magical art - from mentalism and coin magic, to stage illusions and card tricks. Chapters on magic history, publicity, and stage deportment round out the Tarbell course, making it much more than a series of books about tricks. Harlan Tarbell created a masterwork with his Course in Magic. His forethought shines through today as his books continue to be best sellers around the world. Don't overlook these books. They are the essential building blocks of any serious magical entertainer or enthusiast's education.

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